My Philosophy

I have often felt that art, film, drama and music schools leave a massive hole in the education of the student. That is: teaching the artist to be a “creative entrepreneur.” Without the development and evolution of sound business principals on which to build a career, the artist can become adrift in what has always been an extremely competitive marketplace. I have been an actor, producer and have spent the past twenty-five years as a talent agent for Below The Line Talent. It has become my passion to help freelance artists understand and utilize basic business principals to move their careers forward. These principals are based on communication, inspiration, consistency, honesty, specific planning and taking action everyday to help reach the ultimate goal of  a long and successful career. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Actor, Director, Cinematographer or PA, and it doesn’t matter what career phase you’re in. The freelance artist’s most important skill is finding the work that will utilize the craft they love and provide a substantial livelyhood.  To do so, you need the tools and motivation that successful business entrepreneurs possess.  It is my greatest wish that sharing my experience and techniques will motivate and move you toward the career you’ve always wanted.  Thanks for reading!


2 responses to “My Philosophy

  1. Steve, you make a real great point about the missing ingredient in the education of the student artisit and I would go further as to say it applies in the education of all. For what we each possess is an art and with the right tools i.e. skills, motivation can provide that substantial livelihood you talk about. Filtering through the mud for the diamonds is a real task but it’s a sure start when you know there are diamonds to be found in the mud. As a freelance personal, business and technology change agent I often ask myself what do I need to do to create the work that will utilise my craft. I’m getting there and I sure will be checking back here.

    Great heads up.

  2. A ‘creative entrepreneur’ – what a fantastic principle Steve. I couldn’t agree with you more. It is one of the saddest things to see someone with talent struggle to bring this talent into the light.

    I support your mission and look forward to reading your posts.

    Charlie MMM

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