A Portrait Of The Artist As An Entrepreneur

How do you see yourself? As an artist, a craftsperson, a producer, actor, photographer, whatever, I can think of a million things. How hard do you work on your craft? Do you practice, study, experiment, create? Are you so passionate that you can’t keep yourself from it? That’s great!!! That means you’re doing the right thing with your life!!

However, at the same time, are you frustrated with how often you get hired to perform your craft? How much money you make? The level of work you do? Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is: You can change whatever it is that is frustrating you. The bad news: you have to be willing to stretch and switch gears. You have to be willing to spend part of your day, everyday, away from the passionate part of your life, engaging the “nuts and bolts” of building and sustaining a career.

But wait!! There’s more good news!! Artists, and for that matter all freelancers by nature are “creative entrepreneurs.” With a change of perspective, you can, and you must become better at the business of show business. Business makes up 50% of the phrase, so therefore to succeed, you have begin to see yourself as a “creative entrepreneur” that is willing to take the bull by the horns, get better at the business end of your profession and blaze a path for yourself!!!

There is strength in introducing yourself as an entrepreneur. The word connotes, independence, freedom, a willingness to take risks and an ability to think above the fray and sustain a livelihood on your own. I love seeing myself as an entrepreneur and being able to introduce myself that way. Knowing your craft (in my case agenting) to a point where you can run a company and at the same time driving other opportunities to fruition is a completely liberating feeling.

Take a moment and assess where your head is at. Does reaching out and pursuing work as opposed to taking whatever comes along make you nervous? Does it make you afraid of appearing desperate? Does it cause anxiety over possible rejection.  Does it make you realize that you really haven’t kept up on your contacts? So what?  Number one, all of that is wrong except you may not have been sharing the love enough with your contacts and number two: all of those feelings are natural and you have to move past them in order to really succeed and have the career you want.

I challenge you to see yourself in a new light! It’s my goal with this blog to teach you some business fundamentals that will help you redraw your portrait from Artist to “Entreprenuer.” I’ve been teaching it to my clients for years and it works. Give me your attention just twice a week and I will show you the tools, give you business confidence and help you arrive at a new place. Lets get started!!

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